Saxby’s top tips for commercial lighting

Creating the ambient lighting set up in commercial spaces is often overlooked and typically isn’t at the forefront of people’s minds. Yet lighting can be a make or break factor for numerous customers as to whether they love or hate a place without even realising it.

A recent industry survey* found that ‘72% of respondents had left a venue earlier than planned because it was too brightly or poorly lit,’ whilst ‘74% of respondents had stayed longer than planned because the lighting made them feel relaxed and welcome’. With numbers like that, it’s difficult to see why more time and effort isn’t put into setting the right mood and feel for your restaurant or commercial space. Here are Saxby’s three top tips to always consider:

Making sure you have light fittings that complement the design of your restaurant, shop etc. is key. The entire customer experience should ow seamlessly and it can be extremely off putting if one element does not gel with the rest of its surroundings. Saxby Lighting boasts numerous simple and modern products that t within a variety of styles, due to their neutral designs, so would be ideal for restaurants and other commercial properties.

Choosing the correct colour temperature is essential to suit the tone of the project. There are various colour temperatures to choose from and Saxby Lighting is constantly expanding its product ranges to offer the latest in Colour Changing Technology. This allows customers the freedom to switch between colour temperatures at the flick of a switch. Whether that be 3000k, 4000k or 6500k, Saxby Lighting has the colour temperature for you. Having one fitting with numerous colour temperatures allows the customer to have the flexibility to try out different colour temperatures.

Selecting the right light level is key in creating the exact mood and atmosphere that you want to achieve. Saxby Lighting’s extensive range of products and lamps come with various options, and fittings can include a dimmable feature to ensure the best brightness for you and your customer.

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* Figures taken from a MEGAMAN survey carried out amongst 236 hospitality professionals by Big Hospitality during October 2015