Saxby Lighting introduces new intelligent system

Light affects the way people feel and when the balance is correct the results of productivity, happiness, concentration and accuracy can be incredible. High levels of light are best to help people stay alert during their working day and Saxby Lighting has the ideal offering to maximise efficiency within any work space.

Saxby Lighting has released a new product called the Sirio Daylight Harvesting panel. It automatically adjusts the light output to achieve the target LUX level by sensing the amount of natural light in the room. All that is needed is for the photo sensor and driver to befitted to the Sirio panel and away it goes. It is fully adjustable from 100 LUX to 450 LUX in 50 LUX steps by using DIP switches when installing the panel. The panel also boasts edge lit technology and each is designed with an ultra slim profile for use in T-bar ceilings.

The constant current driver is capable of being adjusted with an output from 700mA to 1050mA, but it has been factory set at 1000mA and 450lux, ensuring it will work straight out of the box with your Sirio panel. The Sirio panel is simple and easy to install as it boasts push fit connectors. The driver has two sensors that monitor the light output from the panel and the ambient light in the room and adjusts the panel light output to maintain a consistent lux level.

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