Save time and money with Runpotec cable pulling range from Eastern Electrical Cavan

Eastern Electrical Cavan are Ireland’s sole distributors of Runpotec Strongest Cable Pulling...

Eastern Electrical Cavan aim to stock innovative products that save their clients time and money, and their new range of cable pulling and rolling products from Runpotec does just that.

Lightweight, flexible, well-made and easy to use, the range includes the Capstone Winchand Roller, Runpo Lifter, Xboard, Runpo Sticks and Runpo Cam all designed to cut time and manpower pulling, rolling and lifting cable onsite.

Shane Stirrat, Branch Manager is seriously impressed with the load capacity and usability of the range. “One of our clients, who has the whole Runpotec range, told me how two of his men, using a Runpotec Capstone Winch and Roller, carried out a 280m cable pull over roofs and through buildings; a job that would normally have taken six to seven men three times as long,” says Shane. “That’s a massive saving in labour and time.”

Runpotec stock range 
Capstan Winch CW 800 E – This lightweight, compact winch allows one person to pull up to 800kg horizontally. It can be fixed via the mounting holes or attached to solid objects with the enclosed strap. The trolley mounting rail also offers a very practical fastening option which can be attached to the trailer hitch of a vehicle through the special coupling opening.

Runpo Lifter 4500 – L 1150 – Designed for serious cable lifting or cable drum lifting. The Runpo Lifter is foldable, compact and easy to transport yet can lift drums up to maximum 4,500kg.

X Board Cable Roller – This universal cable drum rewinder and unwinder is suitable for all types of cables, pipes, wires and cable drums – loadable up to 800kg.

Runpo Sticks Comfort and Runpo Cam Runpo – Sticks are flexible and highly durable ‘fishing rods’. In combination with the added magnet, the ball chain enables targeted locating or guiding to wall openings. The special sliding hook can easily overcome obstacles up to 8cm high thanks to the tilt function. The shockproof LED lamp has a very high luminosity and extremely long illumination time.

Great for plumbing pipe inspection when used with the Runpo Cam. To find out more about the range, call Shane and his team at Eastern Electrical Cavan on: +353 (0)49 432 6284.