SALUS five-year warranty for UFH controls

SALUS unveils first ever, unrivalled, five-year warranty for UFH controls

In addition to offering an expanded range of underfloor heating controls, many of which can be linked to a smart home, leading controls specialist SALUS has unveiled an impressive five-year warranty across all of its UFH controls. The warranty is the first of its kind in the UFH sector.

Encompassing the company’s hard wired, wireless RF, smart home, dial and digital UFH control options for both wet and electric heating systems, the new warranty covers the performance of each product at no extra cost; bringing trouble-free operation for installers and customers alike.

Ben Perris, Key Account Director at SALUS explains: “Underfloor heating is growing rapidly in the UK and is now a preferred choice amongst specifiers for both residential and commercial projects. SALUS is fully focused on this sector and our new extended warranty is testament to that commitment. Our customers are at the forefront of everything we do and we are delighted to provide them with extra value and a competitive edge.”

SALUS’ complete suite of UFH controls boasts the design and technical vision for which the brand is renowned; delivering optimum energy efficiency performance with ease of operation and installation. Providing the flexibility to independently control each room or heating zone, all models come feature packed and are price competitive, whilst maintaining simplicity for users and installers alike.

SALUS has long been a pioneer of the smart home and several of its UFH controls can be integrated with the SALUS Smart Home suite of products to create a truly automated home. By connecting to a SALUS universal gateway, users can remotely control their UFH from wherever they may be via the SALUS App on a smartphone, tablet or PC. From individual room temperature control, scheduling and controlling their electrical appliances, to monitoring doors and windows, users have comfort, convenience and security at their fingertips.

SALUS smart home devices currently available include; smart plugs, door and window sensors, an electric monitor that provides data on any particular appliance, and a range of Boiler Plus compliant thermostats for traditional wet systems. Also available are smart radiator controls, smart buttons, smoke alarm, an Appstat, and smart relay. A water leak detector and CO2 alarm are also set to join the range soon.

Since its entry to the UFH sector, SALUS has led with innovation. Its award-winning and unique Auto Balancing Actuator that eradicates problems with hot and cold spots associated with UFH systems is a firm favourite with installers. Whilst they get to reap the rewards of simple and quick installations, users can enjoy optimum comfort, convenience, efficiency and economy.

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