Rolec accelerates a promising future for EVs

State-of-the-art EV charging system for both chargepoint operators and EV drivers…

EV Charge Online permits businesses to operate their own charging network

Lockdown presented significant environmental benefits for the UK and Ireland, with an abrupt decline in traffic on the roads. The dramatic fall in air pollution prompted many individuals and businesses to reconsider their driving habits.
Car sales plummeted by 97%, the lowest since 1946, however, pure electric vehicle sales dropped by just 10%, accounting for 32% of overall car sales during that period. Deloitte has also revealed that by 2030, 81% of all global new EVs sold will be pure electric, outperforming their plug-in hybrid peers. For the UK and Ireland, businesses of all shapes and sizes are becoming more invested in operating electrified fleets. This, in part, is a result of the 0% BiK tax rate for EVs.
With the increasing level of interest and demand for electric vehicles, there also exists a growing demand for EV charging infrastructure. Company cars not only require the facilities to charge at workplace premises, but more than often will require the ability to charge at home.
The vast majority of electrical contractors have identified this as a growth opportunity, choosing to diversify their portfolio by offering EV charge point installation to their customers. A significant proportion are also completing commercial projects as the appetite for electrification grows.

Solutions for all
No matter how small or big the project, Rolec has a robust and reliable solution for all. The company provides a complete solution for both individuals and businesses; from the OLEV grant-funded WallPod:EV HomeSmart to the vast range of OLEV grant-funded AC fast and DC rapid smart workplace chargers.
Complete with full back office management functionalities, EV Charge Online allows businesses and charge point operators to use various pricing models – ranging from free-to-use; pay-to-charge and BiK options. Future-proof and fully flexible, both hardware and software work simultaneously to offer a cost-effective EV charging solution to match your client’s needs. Whether that be for profit-generating purposes; charging of fleet vehicles; providing charging for visitors or something else.
EV Charge Online provides complete transparency to charge point operators so they can understand and export both historical and real-time data. Essentially, the amalgamation of Rolec’s hardware and software permits businesses to operate their own charging network, creating a unique network for their premises and the charge points within. For businesses, this prevents the need for spending countless time, costs and maintenance for building their own back office management platform and network. At a time where business expenditure has reduced for some, EV Charge Online alleviates the costly methods in deploying smart EV charging infrastructure across business premises.

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