Rointe – the Smart approach to saving energy

Saving energy on heating is always challenging, but let’s face it – in a cost-of-living crisis, whether you are a business or a homeowner, saving energy is right up there on everyone’s list. It’s all the more reason why you   should tell your clients about Rointe’s smart energy-saving functions that have been developed to help reduce consumption, maximise efficiency and ultimately, save money. Rointe has always worked to increase the energy savings of its electric radiators while still offering maximum comfort – that’s the reason Rointe has developed the following specific energy-saving technologies and functions. 

Open windows

This function is activated if the Rointe radiator detects a temperature drop of 4°C in less than 30 minutes. This will activate the anti-frost mode (7°C) and avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

Adaptive start

If a Rointe radiator is in programming mode, it will learn the optimum time (up to two hours) to start heating at minimal consumption to reach the exact temperature wanted by your client, at the exact moment they want it. This means the user doesn’t have to guess the programming, removing wasted energy from potentially long pre- warming periods.

User Mode

Thanks to this function, you can set temperature limits for the product with both upper and lower limits. This is especially useful when your client wants to save energy, as it restricts which temperatures can be modified, preventing wasted energy from high temperatures. It’s great for schools, rental properties and care homes.

Remote Lock

This action can be carried out through the Rointe Connect app, the product control panel or one of Rointe’s remote controls. You can lock the product’s keypad, preventing the programming and temperature from being changed.

Hotel Mode

Exclusively available through the Rointe Connect app, this function combines User mode with Remote lock. This means that you can set temperature limits and establish that only those with access to the installation on the app can modify the temperature – an ideal function for hotels.

Consumption indicators

Rointe products have green, yellow, and red indicators within the control panel, that link the set temperature to the resulting energy consumption. This allows customers to easily see how the product is performing energy-wise. Thanks to the Rointe Connect functions, clients can easily control electricity consumption 24/7. 

Smart controls

It’s not just functions built within the products that can help save energy on heating. The way you control a heating system can also help manage consumption and cost in real-time. For example, the Rointe Connect app (compatible with Wi-Fi ranges), has features and reports built-in and accessible with a simple swipe, and can provide up to 10% in energy savings.

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