Rointe provides help from home

World leaders in electric heating technology, Rointe, provide online advice for installers...

The Rointe blog is brimming with advice, information and support for installers, both personal and practical. In light of the current situation, the world leaders in electric heating technology have written some posts aimed toward reducing stress and have provided an easy, thorough installation guide to support installers when it’s most needed.

Below you’ll find a taster with some of the information on offer, starting with some advice on how to look after yourself…

Taking care of yourself
The digital age of instant communication and social media has shaped new habits that hinder our brain’s efforts to regulate emotions. We respond to situations in real-time as we perceive them. This can provoke negative reactions that cause damage to our health and well-being. During instances of crisis, like the pandemic we are currently facing, remaining calm can be tricky and learning how to cope in tense situations is an important skill we can all benefit from.

Recommendations and tips on everything from cleaning to fitness to mental health are available from Rointe at 

Did you know how simple installing a Rointe radiator is? Whether it’s a D Series, Kyros or Sygma, let Rointe take you through the process – step-by-step.

Tools needed
• Phillips screwdriver
• Electric drill
• Rubber hammer or mallet
• Pencil
• Spirit level

Choosing the correct space 
As Rointe radiators work via natural convection, it’s important to consider a few things before picking your installation point. We recommend a wall away from drafts like doors and with sufficient space so the radiator won’t be obscured by furniture.

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