Rointe – Efficiency on tap

With the latest advances in safety and consumption measurement, Rointe Electric hot water heaters are some of the most efficient on the market...

We use hot water without really thinking about it but it’s critical to comfort in the home – nobody want’s to experience a sudden cold shower at 6.30 am. Rointe electric water heaters include advanced technology and safety functions for maximum efficiency and comfort to make sure that will never happen.

The Rointe Rome connected unvented electric WiFi water heater is ideal for domestic hot water needs. This hot water heater with storage tank includes WiFi and home automation technology for control over heating temperature, cost and consumption from a smartphone. Plus, it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa. Packed with features, this electric water heater has an exclusive thermal break system to reduce energy losses by up to 16% and a specially enamelled steel tank to protect against corrosion and water leaks.

With an A energy rating, the Rointe Dalis unvented electric heat pump and storage tank is an all-in-one system designed for high-efficiency production of domestic hot water. This efficient air source heat pump uses heat transfer technology and rotary compression to extract heat from the air outside, ensuring the highest possible energy efficiency class.

Easy to install, this advanced air-to-water heat pump system is the ideal partner to Rointe electric radiators for a complete low carbon heating and hot water system, or as a standalone system.

At only 41cm in height, the Rointe Venice compact over sink electric water heater is a perfect choice for all types of properties. With an energy rating of B, it is an efficient way to fulfil hot water needs. This electric water heater includes an external thermal regulator and a vitrified steel tank with a submerged copper heating element to heat water quickly. This model is made from ABS external casing with outlets at the bottom of the tank for over sink use. These safe and reliable electric water heaters are ideal for offices and commercial properties that only need hot water to a sink.

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