ROBUS Lighting achieves carbon neutral status

modern energy saving led bulb against green leaves

LED light manufacturer ROBUS has announced it reached carbon neutral status in 2022 – testament to the company’s commitment to sustainability and fighting climate change. To achieve carbon neutrality, the Dublin firm’s Environmental & Social Governance (ESG) team calculated the company’s carbon footprint according to PAS 2060, the internationally recognised specification for carbon neutrality. The team split emissions into three scopes – including direct and indirect emissions – and gathered data from various departments and partners. After compiling these numbers, the ESG team calculated the total footprint, which was 1,594.36 CO2e TTW.

ROBUS then offset its total carbon footprint by purchasing credits from the UN carbon offset platform to support three independent hydro power plant schemes. This offsetting was done in line with the self-validation clause of PAS 2060.

The company’s keys to achieving carbon neutrality included: board and employee buy-in; a carbon reduction strategy and target; interrogation of the supply chain and partners; detailed calculation of each step; partnering with a verified carbon offsetting scheme and publishing its findings.