RFE teams up with Noark Electric

Reg Farrell Engineering (RFE) join forces with global supplier of low voltage components, Noark Electric.

Noark Electric has appointed Reg Farrell Engineering (RFE) as exclusive distributor of its products in Ireland. It’s a collaboration that spells good news for anyone interested in high-quality, cost- effective products, backed by world class support and an exclusive 5-year limited warranty. Noark Electric is a subsidiary of the largest electrical manufacturing group in Asia, with regional centres in Prague, Shanghai and Los Angeles. The company has invested millions of euros into in- house research and development, part of a commitment: ‘To be at the cutting edge of product technology and manufacturing’. Now, thanks to the partnership with RFE, the Irish market will have access to the very latest low- voltage components.

“Noark Electric are a perfect fit for our company,” said Ian Checkley, Managing Director at Reg Farrell Engineering. “They are driven by the desire to be the very best at what they do, and like RFE, believe in the very highest standards of customer service. Noark’s innovation, attention to detail and dependability makes our job as a ‘solution provider’ that much easier.” An important cog in a global group with 25,000 employees and a sales revenue of $10 billion, what attracted Noark to RFE? Again, it was that common ground. “As we increase our distribution network throughout Europe, we are also looking to partner with companies that share the same values of quality, reliability and service that are such a part of our DNA. We are proud to partner in Ireland with RFE, who have been supplying the electrical industry for more than 40-years.”

In-house engineering and product development Noark’s entire portfolio of high-quality products is specifically designed for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA), with every individual component treated to rigorous testing procedure by the in-house team to ensure they meet even the strictest standards and performance requirements of IEC and EN. Ian says, “the by-product of this pursuit of excellence is development of patented technology that has found its way into many of our products.”

Exceeding expectations
Noark Electric’s goal is to produce products that don’t just meet customers’ expectations, but go way beyond. Quality, performance, value for money – the company works hand-in-hand with its partners to understand their needs. Ian explains, “our engineering team is steered by the customers requirements. We are constantly developing new technologies, designing components that provide trouble-free installation, supreme functionality and don’t sacrifice quality.”

World class manufacturing
After meticulous testing of prototypes, approval and certification, Noark Electric products are manufactured at state-of- the-art facilities. It’s a ‘keeping it in-house’ business model that has proved highly successful. Not only does it enable the company to maintain strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process, but also adhere to a planet-friendly policy of environmental protection and sustainability.

5-Year limited warranty
Any company that offers a lengthy warranty better be confident they can also walk the walk. Noark Electric are supremely so, that’s why ALL products come with a 5-Year Limited warranty. So, what makes them so durable? Well, to pass the Noark test a product is subjected to an examination far in excess of the minimum cycle thresholds, a rite of passage that all but guarantees each product that pops off the production line will perform, again, and again, and….

Noark – the mark of quality
Compliance and certification are a useful barometer when you’re trying to work out just how good a product is. When a company doesn’t stop at the accepted industry standard, but instead tests itself against even more stringent standards, you know you are on the right track. Noark Electric’s production plants are ISO certified in the fields of quality assurance and production. Not satisfied with that, Noark also pass the CIG 023 certification, awarded by national certification authorities.

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