Refurbished and refreshed

An impressive new trade counter and sales office has proved a game-changer at EWL Cork

A major transformation has taken place at EWL Cork. The branch’s trade counter and sales offices have been completely revamped while the showroom has been reimagined to make best use of the space. The old premises, which were badly in need of a makeover, have been transformed into a bright, modern and inviting space that complements the high level of customer service offered by the knowledgeable team at EWL Cork.

Leonard Slye is the Manager at the Cork branch of EWL. He took over the reins at the start of this year and brings a wealth of experience to the role. “I have 24 years’ experience in the industry. Before moving back into wholesale, I spent 15 years in the lighting industry. Other staff members here at EWL Cork also have considerable experience; some are here over 29 years. That experience and knowledge singles us out in this competitive sector and I think when you couple that with the refurbished premises, we’re well positioned for growth,” said Leonard.

Customers go to EWL Cork for the diverse products available at the branch but also for the unrivalled service. “I think our customers enjoy the bit of banter when they come in but they also know they’re dealing with very knowledgeable staff. Everyone is well versed on all product ranges and can offer the right advice. No one leaves with the wrong product for the job.”

That high standard of customer service is now matched by state-of-the-art premises. “We needed to modernise the branch and bring the premises up to speed. Essentially, we wanted to provide our customers with a showroom that would do justice to the market-leading products on display. We also knew that enhancing the space and making best use of it would lead to more sales.”

The previous trade counter was too small and only provided space for one person.

“It just didn’t cater for the amount of business we were actually doing. Business has grown steadily at the trade counter throughout 2019; we now have space for more staff.” As well as being made bigger, the trade counter has also been extended out into the space and is now more of a focal point for customers.

“Our sales office has also undergone a makeover. Previously, it was extremely cramped so the plan was to create an open plan sales office. To facilitate this further, I moved my own office into a corner of the showroom area, which freed up a lot of space in the sales office. Staff now have a bright and modern open plan office. It’s a much nicer place to work.”

The new trade counter at EWL Cork is about one and a half times the size of the previous one. Old outdated displays have been replaced with innovative, modern displays from the branch’s main suppliers. That in itself has made a huge difference. We’re seeing a spike in sales in those particular types of products. We also replaced all the lighting in the showroom with LEDs, lights were donated from our loyal suppliers in the renovation area.”

Staff at EWL Cork live by a very simple philosophy – give the best possible customer service. “we strive to be competitive with good quality brands. We aim to offer our customers a fast, efficient, reliable service and we do that with a friendly demeanour.”

Every effort has been made at the newly refurbished branch to put the customer front and centre. A new window in the trade counter area allows customers a glimpse into the sales office.

“We did that so our customers feel connected with our internal sales. Also, I don’t like to have customers waiting at a trade counter to be served so when a queue is forming, the internal sales staff can go and help. It’s all hands on deck, myself included.”

Ample parking at EWL Cork, which is situated on the Ring Road, allows customers easy access to the vast range of market- leading products on display. The branch’s three delivery vans travel all over the county to ensure customers receive their order promptly.

“A lot of our customers are in West Cork so we make quite a lot of deliveries to that area. Our vans go anywhere, to wherever the customer needs the product. I have a couple of staff members whoactually live in West Cork so in the evening time they’ll take deliveries and be on site at 8am or at 8pm doing deliveries. Delivery and service are very important to us. If we don’t get it right then one of our competitors will.”

Repeat business is a mainstay of the business and with talk of the newly refurbished business spreading, the frequency of new customers coming through the door is on the rise.

“We have a very loyal customer base. You’ll see a lot of regular customers in here on a daily and monthly basis. We’re also starting to see new customers at the trade counter. Word of mouth is very important to us and it’s really helping to spread the word about the work we’ve done on the trade counter.”

With a refreshed premises and a commitment to providing the highest levels of customer service, it looks like the future is bright at EWL Cork.

Edmundson-EWL Electric Ltd, Unit B1, Doughcloyne Industrial Estate, Sarsfield Road, Wilton, Co Cork.
T: +353 (0)21 454 6566