Reducing the environmental impact with intelligent control systems

Core electrical offers lighting controls from delmatic which integrate into building automation systems to improve energy efficiency and help with the design to successfully deliver sustainable buildings

The construction industry faces major environmental and economic concerns, due to factors such as climate changes, scarcer resources, and over-urbanisation. Consequently, the Building Regulations are becoming increasingly demanding.

It is also fundamental for today’s companies to consider environmental matters when moving into a new building. Core partners with Delmatic, the lighting management experts, to offer the Irish market high- performance lighting control solutions. Delmatic systems guarantee sustainable, future- proofed buildings in two ways: through the use of open protocol technology and guaranteed lifetime upgrade availability.

Based on open protocols, the Delmatic systems work together across a common platform and a single network using international-standard commands and messages. Lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, shading, security, access control, room booking and other connected services work as a whole to enhance efficiency and create truly smart sustainable buildings. This interoperability achieves major energy savings, cuts capital costs by avoiding duplication of hardware, reduces installation cost and achieves operational savings over the life of a building.

The main open protocols for building control are:
DALI-2 – The international standard for digital dimming, it can be transmitted and received by any module, driver or device. Delmatic offers the widest range of DALI-2 products that can be combined with other open protocols for a total building management solution.

LON – This international standard for integrated services provides major advantages over other protocols and operates at a faster rate, making it ideal for large projects.

BACnet – An international standard that can operate simultaneously with LON, so both can be perfectly received and transmitted by Delmatic hardware.

Modbus – The de facto standard communication protocol for connecting electronic devices and controllers.

Open protocols that share intelligence to create smarter buildings can achieve optimum energy and operational efficiencies. They work in synergy with controllers, devices, and software to monitor, analyse and optimise lighting and connected building services. Core and Delmatic deliver sustainable designs of open- protocol solutions and supply hardware that communicates effortlessly and seamlessly. These bespoke solutions offer a range of control approaches which are optimised for every area, application and the degree of flexibility required, including:
Wireless: Total flexibility and the convenience of wireless communications within an open-protocol network.

Buswire (Unicast): Total addressable flexibility along a shared buswire linking DALI-2 drivers and devices.

Plug-in LCM: Total flexibility as part of the electrical installation, rapid plug-in connectivity and out-of-the- box operation.

Broadcast: Cost-effective and powerful management of switched, analogue or DALI-2 channels across large areas.

Intelligent control systems enable owners, designers and users help to achieve best practices in sustainable development such as LEED (EU) and BREEAM (UK). From design to delivery – including handover and commissioning – Core co- ordinates each stage to assist designers and consultant engineers to accurately integrate sustainable designs that comply with current regulations and standards. This enables electrical contractors to timely deliver a fully operational system and ensure smooth running of the installation right through to commissioning and maintenance.

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