ProtecWork by Snickers Workwear

ProtecWork is a collection of protective wear that combines expert knowhow of heat and flame protection with Snickers Workwear’s renowned ergonomics and fit.

In order to offer the best heat and flame-retardant garments, Snickers Workwear has acquired a leading brand on the Swedish market that boasts over 30 years’ experience designing and developing protective wear for the energy and railway sectors. The result is a cutting-edge collection that offers inherent heat and flame protection, excellent durability, great comfort and an ergonomic, modern fit.

This range of protective wear is the result of a long and successful partnership with professionals working in the energy and railway sectors. They are the ones working in high-risk environments, and the only ones who truly know how protective wear is used and functions in the real world. This close partnership has resulted in several innovative features, such as symmetrical leg pockets and DuPont™Kevlar® reinforced pockets. 

100% inherent protective wear

Snickers Workwear’s mission is to provide clothing that protects against burns. All fabrics are therefore inherent, meaning that the flame protection is built into the fibre. The main inherent fibre is modacrylic, which combines high flame retardancy with low density. This means that the protective garments can be built with relatively lightweight materials, offering comfort and freedom of movement for the wearer. In addition, modacrylic also provides good protection against electric arc. 

Ergonomics is also a very important aspect when Snickers Workwear develops its protective wear. Garments that provide great fit and optimal mobility tend to be used more often, contributing to increased protection, greater comfort and enhanced efficiency.

Layer up 

One of the best ways to improve your level of protection is to wear layers (all layers/garments must of course be certified and flame retardant). The main benefit of wearing layers is that the air gap formed between different garments provides increased protection. There is no general rating for how much increased protection the air gap between layers provides, although Snickers Workwear has conducted a number of tests that show that the air gap increases protection by more than 5 cal/cm2. 

Standards and requirements dictate design

Snickers Workwear’s product development always starts with the item’s intended use and the task at hand. What are the risks in the work environment? What do the standards require? And what does the wearer need in order to perform optimally? Working based on these facts and requirements, and by conducting thorough tests throughout the entire process, the team can develop functional, comfortable and, above all, safe Personal Protective Equipment.

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