Powering up the intelligent way

The Sollysta Twin USB socket is designed as an aesthetically pleasing solution for residential developments, retro fit projects as well as commercial projects such as multi-purpose offices and hotels. Complying to the latest standards (BS 1363-2:2016), the attractive and extensively tested design is based on in-depth research and development to deliver a market- leading solution.

The Sollysta Twin USB socket is suitable for charging most portable electronic devices connected via a USB 2.0 and 3.0 type A plug and includes two USB charging ports capable of delivering a total maximum charging current of 2.4A. The charge can be delivered to either port or divided between the two ports.


With built-in intelligent connection, the dual USB adapter communicates with the automatic host charger identification circuitry for USB dedicated chargers, identifying itself as a dedicated charger to power up Apple and Samsung devices, as well as a BC1.2 charger for HTC, Sony, LG and Blackberry devices. This gives maximum charging capacity and improved charging speeds through an ability to bypass its trickle charging mode.

The Sollysta Twin USB socket provides the same high-quality features you will expect from the range of Sollysta wiring accessories, such as a patented three pin shutter mechanism, moulded cable lead in’s, captive and backed off terminal screws, positive wire end stop and inline terminals. With safety in mind, the Twin USB sockets are protected against over- current and short circuit conditions on the output by a non-replaceable fuse. Just like the rest of Hager’s Sollysta range, the Twin USB socket is also certified by global test and certification body Nemko London. The Sollysta Twin USB socket comes in decorative and white plastic finish and can be installed in 35mm back boxes. However, where 25mm back boxes are fitted, a 10mm spacer is also available as part of a combined offer with the socket or it can be purchased as an accessory.

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