Powering sustainable buildings

From design to maintenance, a sustainable construction should be environmentally and socially responsible as well as resource-efficient through its life-cycle. These are the exact criteria that the American and British certificate systems, LEED and BREEAM, consider in order to deliver their certification.

With the ambition of helping customers to be at the forefront of the smart building industry, Core has developed solutions to deliver best practice electrical systems, including specialised product offerings and support services.

With innovative technologies such as modular wiring and lighting control systems, Core can provide your building with an energy-efficient electrical installation that is time and cost-effective, complies with all the current standards, and can be easily reconfigured in line with your needs. John McDonagh, Project Division Manager at Core, explains, “Modular wiring is a pre-fabricated wiring system that is ‘plug and play’ from the distribution board to the furthest point on every circuit.

“It is easier and quicker to install, less prone to site errors, and doesn’t produce waste. Overall, it can reduce your installation costs by up to 70%; and is also cheaper to maintain!” Core’s flat cables and modular wiring caters for all aspects of a building’s wiring requirements, including standard switching, PIR detection, Lighting Control, KNX and DALI. John continues, “We supply advanced, open protocol lighting management solutions, which dramatically optimise energy efficiency and sustainability. “These systems integrate the DALI technology to offer unlimited possibilities and provide total flexibility. Lighting control can be integrated with our emergency lighting systems as part of the overall lighting management network to simplify the process and reduce cost.”

Core partners with Delmatic to offer intelligent, efficient, flexible, scalable lighting control systems, and provide the all-Ireland market with innovative technologies, such as biodynamic lighting controls which subtly adjust light intensity and colour to replicate the dynamic variation of daylight. Working with Core is not only benefiting from high-quality market- leading products and systems, it’s also the assurance of a full technical, logistical and project management support, at every stage of the project, from specification to commissioning. The expert Core team takes the hard work out, allowing you to save time and effort. The result is a project run smoothly at the best price, and an installation which reaches the highest standards.

Best practice systems have been supplied by Core for many landmark projects, such as Dublin Airport Terminal 2, LinkedIn EMEA HQ and Hanover 5 in Dublin.

For further information or to discuss the best solution for your project requirements, contact:

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