Leading the way in infrared heating innovation

All of the heaters carrry an energy rating of A+. The Plusheat range is perfect for projects that want effective heating that also looks good and from a contractor’s perspective, the good news is that this range is easy and simple to install.

All this comes with the added incentive of cost-effective heating that is a clear alternative to more traditional methods. The Plusheat range provides eight main options –

– Aluminium: In terms of both range, width and positioning options, Plusheat’s Satin Aluminium heaters are the most versatile and flexible panels on offer. Operating at a fraction of the cost of traditional heating, they offer superior design and comfort levels. The panels can be used in both domestic and commercial environments. They can be flush or surface mounted to the wall or ceiling and also come in a variety of colours and sizes. Bespoke designs can also be offered such as a personalised picture on the heating panel.

– Glass: Glass is an excellent medium for infrared heaters and operates at a fraction of the cost of traditional heating. The Plusheat range of glass infrared heaters are both stylish and elegant, offering an unsurpassed heat output. Available in three panel sizes – 450, 600 and 900 watts – the Plusheat Glass range provides high output infrared heating and consistent thermal comfort. This is on top of the designer-inspired elegance. • Mirror – This versatile heated mirror can be used in bathroom, bedrooms, salons etc. The use of titan glass maximises the heat output. It is available in different sizes and designs including a circular and backlit LED option. No condensation will form on the mirror and this will eliminate damp and mould.

– Towel Rail: A fantastic heating solution for any bathroom, Plusheat towel rails provide 100% control and are reliability and safety assured.

– Power Heater: This range is specifically designed to heat space that requires a more powerful direct heat such as internal areas with high ceilings, such as warehouses, factories or external applications. Water resistant to IP65, the Impact Power Heater has a proven track record in difficult-to-heat or expensive-to-heat situations. With no maintenance or servicing, its stylish, contemporary appearance provides savings of up to 42% against alternative forms of electric heating.

– Underfloor heating:  Infrared carbon underfloor film technology is combined with the best of modern nanotechnology and a simple AC power connection. Only 70% of the area to be heated needs covered and the speed and ease of installation keeps costs to a minimum. Suitable for under all wood, laminates and carpeted floors, this range can also be used on screed flooring with tiles or lino coverings.

– Infrared Plinth Heater:  Available in aluminium or glass and designed to fit under kitchen cabinets, the Plinth Heater is a great way to save space in a kitchen. Up to four plinths can be daisy-chained together to add a greater level of heating.

Regardless of the choice, each option comes with a range of wattage selections with up to 10 year warranty and 20 year service life. There are no moving parts therefore there will be no need for servicing, thus prolonging the panel life.

Plusheat infrared heating systems can be controlled with a free app from a tablet, smartphone or computer. Electric switches and thermostats can greatly reduce costs by ensuring that each room and infrared panel is controlled independently. To increase your control even further, window and door sensors can be added. In fact, anything electrical within the property can be controlled.

For more information on the Plusheat range, visit any branch of National Electrical Wholesalers or contact ( ROI) 01 2541907 or (NI) 00353 1 2541907, e-mail sales@plusheat.ie or visit www.plusheat.ie