Panel wires that save lives from Clynder Cables

Clynder Cables lead the way on Low Smoke Zero Halogen panel wire...

In a fire situation, Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) panel wires produce extremely low levels of smoke and toxic fumes with zero acidic gases. This is unlike PVC cables, which can produce larger amounts of smoke and toxic fumes when subjected to fire.
This provides increased visibility and reduced air toxicity, leading to faster evacuation of a building and reduced danger from smoke inhalation. Therefore, these cables are often specified for equipment installed in public buildings such as hospitals and schools as well as government and commercial buildings.

Clynder Cables’ 2491B / 6701B cables (also known as H05Z-K & H07Z-K under the harmonised codes) are BASEC approved panel wires and considered a suitable LSZH alternative to PVC panel wires. They are also sometimes referred to as LSOH cable or LSHF (Low Smoke Halogen Free) cable.

Clynder Cables is an approved supplier to some of the most prestigious names in the UK and Irish electrical wholesale and distribution industries.
Clynder keep a full range of stock from 0.75mm² up to 10mm². These cables are available off-the-shelf in a wide range of colours for next day delivery. Other sizes and non-standard colours can be manufactured to short lead times. Clynder Cables’ products are all UK-manufactured, colour consistent with uncompromising quality.

For instance, there is a common misconception that Low Smoke and Fume (LSF) cables and LSZH cables are one and the same. This is completely incorrect and any confusion between the two could be life-threatening in the event of a fire.
LSZH cables are subject to strict standards; LSF cables have no standards covering them. In consequence, LSF cables have been found to emit HCl levels in excess of 20% when subjected to fire. Always specify LSZH when asking for a Low Smoke Zero Halogen cable.

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