Northern Ireland Housing Executive registers for ECS Check

Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) registers as a client on the ECS Check Licence to Practise system...

ECS Check

The JIB is delighted to announce the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) has become the latest public sector body in Northern Ireland to register as a client on the ECS Check Licence to Practise system. The NIHE is the public housing authority for Northern Ireland, as well as the largest social housing landlord and enforcing authority.

Clients and main contractors are using ECS Check to comply with Procurement Guidance Note 01/16 and there are now more than 600 clients, contractors and other organisations registered on ECS Check across the UK to give better visibility on the competency of the supply chain.

The Shadow Secretary of State for Employment Rights, Andy McDonald MP, recently voiced his support for ECS Check and the benefits it can bring for contractors and local authorities, referring to it as “a valuable tool in assisting authorities to meet local employment and social value objectives.”

“We are delighted to welcome on board to ECS Check one of the largest public organisations for electrical work under the Licence to Practise initiative in Northern Ireland,” explained Andy Reakes, Head of Growth for the JIB and ECS.

“The speed at which this system has gathered interest from clients and contractors is a testament to benefits of a digital solution underpinning the JIB, and wider industry work, on standards over the last 50 years. We look forward to working with the NIHE and other public organisations to prevent the race to the bottom on standards and improve safety through greater client involvement and visibility in supply chain activities.”

In helping to promote a safer working environment and raise employment standards, ECS Check plays an important role in establishing the highest levels of on-site competency in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

To sign up to the system, visit or email or call 01322 661 622.