No die change required

Klauke's compact new tool provides one button crimping up to 120mm...

The compact Klauke EK30IDML indent crimper.

If you are looking to simplify your crimping operation on copper cable lugs then look no further than the new, compact, indent-crimping tool from Klauke. Suitable for crimping from 6mm2 through to 120mm2 on stranded (class 2), flexible (class 5) and super-flex (class 6) cables.

Its compact design with ergonomic soft grips means working in tight spaces becomes a quick and easy process. Powered by a 10.8V, 1.5Ah rechargeable Li-Ion battery means there is plenty of power to see you through a complete workday. An integrated LED work light helps to provide clear visibility in dark panels or enclosures.

It’s impressive to think that such a powerful tool can be designed into such a small housing and weigh in at less than 2kg including the battery. Multiple cable lug types are also not a problem.

Standard tubular cable lugs of the L-series, or larger tubular connectors with flared entry barrels (F-type), or even sheet metal solderless cable lugs up to 95mm2 can be crimped successfully. This new addition to the Klauke ‘ML’ range complements the already well known Micro tool and Cable cutting tools operating on the same battery platform.

For more information or to request demonstrations, contact:
T: +44 (0) 1986 891 519