NICEIC airs first ever TV commercial in Northern Ireland

The Cage is a 30 second insight into the potential hidden electrical dangers that can exist in a home.

It is the first time NICEIC has ever produced a TV commercial and it is set to air on UTV and Channel 4 in Northern Ireland over the Easter weekend to coincide with the start of the DIY season, when many people try to undertake home improvement projects themselves.

“This is an exciting first for NICEIC,” commented Mark Smith, Marketing Director at NICEIC. “We are committed to promoting our contractors in new and innovative ways that recognises the specialist work they do. This year sees NICEIC mark its 60th anniversary and we wanted to do something special to celebrate that fact and produce something each of our registrants can be proud of.”

NICEIC carried out extensive research to evaluate the level of awareness that householders have for domestic electrical installations.  The study revealed that the majority of people take electricity in their homes for granted, simply because it’s invisible.

Using advanced CGI animation, The Cage shows a homeowner oblivious to the wall of electrical currents surrounding her.

“This is the first time in UK advertising history that an electrical installation has been visually brought to life in this way. We hope it will make people think about getting their electrics checked. The TV commercial is just the next step we have taken to promote our contractors,” added Mark.

“The NICEIC brand is the most recognised amongst homeowners and has been proven to win contractors more work. We want to build on that and promote the benefits of using an NICEIC registered electrician to consumers.”

You can view the commercial at