NI demand for electricians jumps 64.6% during pandemic

Research from Northern Ireland’s largest insurance comparison website shows electrician jobs have increased throughout the pandemic by 64.6%…

The data from compiled the top 10 list of trade occupations for 2020 and compared them to the 12 months previous. Electricians were in fourth position sitting behind joiner / carpenter (1), builder (2) and cleaner (3).

This spike in tradespeople bucks the currently reported trend of a 30% fall in the construction industry in Northern Ireland, relating mainly to firms who develop retail, hospitality and commercial construction. The analysis is based on a sample of over 7,000 tradesperson insurance policies compiled from across the UK during 2019 and 2020. Overall the demand for trades was up by 63%.

Responding to the data, Founder Greg Wilson comments, “With the nation in renovation mode throughout lockdown, it is not so surprising that demand for trade skills is spiking but it is great news for tradespeople and could even provide opportunities for those who have been made redundant recently.”