New introductory prices on Fluke laser levels

The Fluke Laser Level family enables layout tasks to be performed fast, simply and accurately, in every environment.

Designed to survive a one metre drop and keep working, the Laser Levels feature a fast settling, self-levelling gimbal that quickly delivers accurate reference points. Until June 30, 2017, Fluke Laser Levels are available at new introductory prices while stocks last, with some models representing savings of over 30%. They can be seen at

The Fluke Laser Levels offer full-room line projection to all walls, including floor and ceiling, with clear, thin lines which do not fade with distance. Layout work can be achieved quickly since stabilisation is achieved in less than one second and they require no laser locking when they are moved.

The Laser Levels can be used for accurate layout and transfer of drawings to work sites. For example, light cans and other overhead fixtures and outlets can be measured on the floor and a point laser used to shine an accurate mark on the ceiling. Accurate alignment of outlets, switches and sockets, level lines for pipes and conduit, or vertical plumbing of chases and conduit can be achieved with a laser line. Each model is supplied with an accessory that enables ease of operation.

The Fluke Laser Level family includes:

– Fluke-3PR (red laser) and Fluke-3PG (green laser) Point Laser Levels— self-levelling, three-point laser levels for fast, accurate layout of reference points. Accurate to 6mm at 30 metres, it includes a floor stand for fast, easy overhang and centreline measurements. The green laser (Fluke-3PG) is up to three times brighter for improved visibility in outdoor and long-range applications.

– Fluke-180LR and Fluke-180LG Line Laser Levels— self-levelling, horizontal- and vertical-cross line laser levels for rapid, accurate (3mm at 10 metres) levelling and layout.

– Fluke-LDR and Fluke-LDG Laser Line Detectors — laser line detectors for use in high ambient light settings with visual and audible indicators for ease of use. The detectors are compatible with Fluke-180LR (Fluke-LDR) or Fluke-180LG (Fluke-LDG) models and include mounting bracket for quick, steady positioning.

– Fluke-180LR System and Fluke-180LG Systems — comprehensive self-levelling, horizontal- and vertical-cross line laser level systems that include laser line detector and detector bracket for use in high ambient light settings.

All laser level models include magnetic wall brackets for easy, stable mounting.

Information about all Fluke products can be obtained via the Fluke website at