New C.K Cable and Wire Stripping Tools – east, effortless and precise!

Always looking to introduce exciting new and innovative products, C.K is launching a fantastic high quality range of Cable and Wire Stripping Tools.

Stripping cables has never been easier, with the new C.K Cable and Wire Stripping Tools combining fantastic features and benefits that offer simple, fast, effortless and precise solutions, whatever the job. Designed to cover a wide range of applications, products include: An Automatic Wire Stripper; Automatic Cable & Wire Stripper; Universal Cable Stripper; Coax Cable Stripper; and Cable Stripper.

Not using the right tool can be time consuming and damage cables. Using trimming knives to strip cable can also be dangerous, causing injuries if you slip, with cuts potentially becoming serious by using an exposed blade. Stripping cables has never been easier, with the new C.K Cable and Wire Stripping Tools that offer the perfect solution for any cable and wire stripping task.

Manufactured in Germany to the highest standards for safety and long life performance, these top quality cable and wire stripping tools provide a great range of options to suit your needs. Take a closer look at what’s on offer:

  • C.K Automatic Wire Stripper (T1261): Designed for stripping solid and stranded wires from 0.2 – 6.0mm² (24-10 AWG) these clever wire strippers provide automatic wire size adjustment for convenience. Other features include: An integrated wire cutter; a comfortable dual-compound soft grip handle design; with an adjustable length stop of (6-18mm).
  • C.K Automatic Cable & Wire Stripper (T1260): Designed for stripping flat cables up to 12mm in width, this superb cable and wire stripper quickly removes both the external sheathing and internal conductor insulation. An automatic size adjustment makes for added convenience, plus an integrated wire bending hole for termination preparation.
  • C.K Universal Cable Stripper (T1270): Provides razor sharp, pre-set stripping blades for fast, precise and damage free stripping of all common round cables with 8-15mmØ. Two stripping notches with length stop for stripping conductors – suitable for stripping wires of 1.5 and 2.5mm² (16 & 14 AWG). Internal length stop can also be repositioned for left and right handed use.
  • C.K Coax Cable Stripper (T1271): Razor sharp pre-set stripping blades, for fast, precise and damage free stripping of all common coaxial cables. Suitable for stripping cables of 4.8-7.5mmØ, as well as stripping 3-core flex. Both ends of this handy tool are marked for correct order of use, with a dual compound handle designed for improved grip and safety.
  • C.K Cable Stripper (T1280): Blade repositions for cutting both around and along cable sheathing; adjustable cutting depth to prevent damage to inner conductor Titanium-Nitrade (TIN) coated blade to prolong blade sharpness and a handy spare cutting blade stored within the handle.

For more information on the new C.K Cable and Wire Stripping Tools, please visit or call 01758 704704.