More control and peace of mind

Nowadays, we are more aware of the importance of maintaining good health and general well-being, as well as reducing pollutants and promoting sustainability. 

That’s why ABB has introduced ABB Tenton® for ABB-free@home®. Working seamlessly with the ABB-free@home® ecosystem, it ensures the home’s desired overall air quality at all times, giving the homeowner even more control and peace of mind. 

Measurement and control across four key areas 

The unique ABB Tenton® Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) system provides the comprehensive information the homeowner needs. The monitor measures and controls the temperature so it is always just right, as well as humidity levels for a healthy living environment. It also monitors carbon dioxide levels for safety and overall comfort and checks levels of pollutants known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) to ensure well-being. 

In each case, data is available at the user’s fingertips. The homeowner is automatically notified if any of these elements exceeds the set level or designated air quality. Then, all they need to do is to adjust heating, air conditioning, and ventilation as required.

How it works 

See how the ABB Tenton® monitors a home’s temperature, humidity and air quality, step by step.

• Sensors capture Information and summarize it into an easy- to-understand air quality index, displayed on the unit. 

• If levels exceed set thresholds, the homeowner receives notifications automatically. 

• Everything is viewable and adjustable on the device or via the ABB-free@home® app. 

• The ABB Tenton® individually monitors levels in rooms throughout the home, from wherever the user is.

• As the monitor integrates seamlessly with ABB-free@ home® functions, the homeowner is able to operate lighting, heating and air conditioning systems, blinds and more.

How to get started 

The ABB Tenton® monitor is simple to set up. A professional electrician can install everything, with no need for special installers or system integrators. 

The clean, elegant design has flexible options for flush or surface mounting and comes in a choice of colours to match the home’s interior. The function and control elements may also be customized by using ABB’s online labelling tool to display text and symbols according to the homeowner’s needs.

For more information on ABB-free@home® please contact ABB: +353 (1) 4057300 or