Michael looks ahead with confidence

Ireland’s Electrical Magazine talks to Michael Martin about his future plans in the industry

For over 30 years, Michael Martin has been associated with Thorn Lighting in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland but now this well-known and respected individual is looking to the future with a new venture.

The former Regional Director of Ireland for the Zumtobel Group – of which Thorn is a part of – is set to officially launch a new lighting company called Scotopic Solutions which he believes can fill a niche in the local marketplace.

“I really enjoyed my time at Thorn and the opportunities they offered me to progress my career,” said Michael. “However, my focus now is on the future and that is why I have established Scotopic Solutions.”

Michael’s passion is clearly in the lighting sector and with over three decades of experience, he is excited about his new venture. “I took a bit of time to assess my next step forward and, in the end, I felt that it had to be in the lighting sector. I had other opportunities within the electrical industry but lighting is a sector that I am very passionate about and that will be clear in how Scotopic Solutions conducts business.”

Michael is keeping the details of the business firmly under wraps before an official launch in 2019 but he was able to reveal a few snippets.

“We will be representing a number of respected lighting companies who share our values and that we think can make an impact in the lighting sector here,” explained Michael. “We set three main criteria when looking for lighting partners – firstly that the products had to be UK made; that they had to have a degree of industry pedigree; and, finally, that the products were high quality.

“We have developed a portfolio of products that is energy efficient and offers solutions for interior and exterior lighting as well as lighting controls.

“Quality, performance and design are essential factors, and that is what we will offer once Scotopic Solutions is officially launched. I’m looking forward to working with consultants, suppliers and contractors once again – these are exciting times and I can’t wait to get officially started.”

If the research that Michael put into deciding on the name of his new company is anything to go by, then it is clear that potential manufacturers will have been quizzed to the nth degree before being included on Scotopic Solutions’ portfolio.

For the record, Scotopic is the vision of the eye under low-light levels. The term comes from Greek – skotos, meaning “darkness”, and -opia, meaning “a condition of sight”. “In essence, we will be offering solutions to darkness, which is exactly what lighting delivers.”

Michael Martin, Sales Director
T: 07543841248
E: michael@scotopicsolutions.com