Metartec containerised UPS solutions

Over the past two years, Metartec has provided containerised UPS solutions that have been the backbone for a number of major broadcasted sporting events. Metartec was chosen for these projects as it is established as the forerunning supplier of bespoke containerised power solutions.

The company’s latest project involved two 300kVA 7 minute containers which included Metartec’s own-brand UPS systems complete with the latest ‘hibernation’ technology for a prestigious summer sporting event held in Greater London. The client’s initial requirement was to provide two systems on a hire basis for the event, with equipment being used to provide back-up support for broadcasting and editing facilities.

Rather than a temporary solution, alterations of the specification resulted in the containerised UPS being purchased as part of a large refit programme, becoming a permanent asset for the end user.

As the systems are located in a residential area, sound is a major factor. Therefore, they have been designed to minimise any noise pollution. Metartec’s solution was to provide two 10ft by 8ft containers fitted out with Metartec’s DECI Modular 300 X9i UPS systems, seismic battery stands, switchgear and emergency lighting. As space is a premium, these stackable containers enabled 600kVA of power to be installed with a minimal special footprint onsite.

As it is one of the highest power density products on the market with independent power and control sections, Metartec’s DECI Modular 300 X9i was the perfect product for this project. Each unit consists of 10x30kVA power modules within a 300kVA frame which can offer 900KVA in only 1.98m2. This, alongside the incorporation of the latest ‘hibernation’ technology, ensures that the DECI Modular X9i provides maximum energy efficiency. The large touch-sensitive LCD user interface also allows the end user to easily access the system and individual power module information.

Metartec’s DECI Modular UPS already has an established list of high profile customers who have purchased the equipment in a variety of industries, ranging from education to pharmaceutical to government sectors.

This particular project comes on the back of a fleet of UPS systems which Metartec currently has on hire with a well-known petro-chemical company in Norway. ENGINEERING

Metartec’s engineering excellence is further evident in a larger completed project involving a total of 14 containers assembled and tested in the company’s Belfast facility with a specification ranging from 80kVA to 1.2MVA. These containers were used to support a multi-sporting event in Scotland which was broadcast in over 200 territories worldwide. An on-call facility was provided throughout the duration of the broadcasting, with some lucky Metartec engineers even getting to attend the opening and closing ceremonies.

Containerised solutions allow for versatility in temporary or permanent power applications. At the end of 2015, Metartec created a permanent Mobile Energy Centre for a well-known French automotive company with a base in North London. This 30ft container was split into two compartments and consisted of a generator, bulk fuel storage, switchboard, UPS, power factor correction and air conditioning.

Due to the location of this permanent structure, the container had to be designed externally to compliment the aesthetics of the surrounding environment.

Metartec are pioneers of innovation and this is reflected in the creation of the company’s SCADA Remote Monitoring System. SCADA, like all Metartec’s solutions, is open protocol, enabling users to view their containerised systems anywhere in the world via RS485/Modubs integration 24/7/365, and subsequently assess the unit’s status. It also encourages proactive response to system alarms.

Not only do Metartec have a complete range of standard products, its engineering expertise extends to configured products including combining hybrid technology with solar PV systems, as well as the application of UPS and generators to containerised solutions.

Experience with bespoke and innovative products allows Metartec to create solutions that suits the needs of the most discerning customers in the most demanding timeframes.

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