The real power behind the brand

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In a market where well-known brands can take precedence, Metartec is chosen for high-profile projects due to its different approach to the marketplace, offering own-brand, open-protocol equipment that is combined with a personal service from a highly experienced technical and commercial team.

For many customers, the choice for purchasing a branded UPS is to remove the fear of the unknown. What should be made known is that UPS Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) in many ways work similarly to that of the automotive industry.

Key components for a vehicle carcass are used for all cars – the only difference in the finished product is the exterior and brand logo. This is what the customer is buying. The same principle applies in the creation of UPS.

With only a few leading global manufacturers, the essence of each UPS is essentially the same.

So, what then are customers paying for?

Metartec defines four points when evaluating equipment prices and the actual cost of ownership of your UPS system – these are Capital expenditure; Operational expenditure; Sourcing of components and sub-assemblies; and Technical expertise.

  • Capital expenditure is the initial purchase cost associated with UPS equipment. Metartec offers own-brand equipment ensuring best value for money with no hidden costs.
  • Operating expenditure can quickly exceed the cost of the initial investment of a UPS. Efficiency plays a significant role in reducing both energy and financial costs over the lifespan of a UPS system. Metartec’s DECI Modular 300 X9i is one of the highest power density products on the market with hot swappable modular design. The system incorporates the latest ‘hibernation technology’ ensuring maximum energy efficiency through product lifespan. The company’s range of open protocol
  • UPSs also allows the end-user to choose their service provider, achieving greater flexibility and lowering costs.
  • Sourcing of components and subassemblies can increase the cost of ownership of a UPS system in the long-term. Metartec readily sources UPS components from an open market, ensuring the most competitive pricing and fastest turn around on spare parts.
  • Technical expertise: Metartec’s team have, collectively, over 100 years within the UPS industry. The company’s dedicated technical and commercial team provides customers with extensive product knowledge and tailored solutions via one single point of contact. Metartec’s engineering excellence is further evidence in its experience with bespoke containerised UPS solutions which are built and fully fitted to customer specification in-house at the company’s Belfast facility.

Metartec can provide its customers with a UPS solution that will comply with the most demanding specification, whist making you savings today and tomorrow.

For more information, telephone (NI) 0845 50 40 444 or (RoI) 0044 845 50 40 444, e-mail or visit