Mark Kenny joins the team at Legrand

After spending several years working in the electrical industry, Mark Kenny knew his next role would be a career move for life. Nearly four months into his new role at Legrand as Area Project Manager, Mark feels he’s hit a homerun in terms of finding a job he loves. “My father always said if you can find something you love to do, you’ll never work a day in your life. I’m hoping I’ve found that here in Legrand.”

Mark’s new job is extremely varied, an aspect of the role he thoroughly enjoys. With a focus on residential, hospitality and commercial, Mark is responsible for all new and existing projects in Ireland. “It’s my job to come up with the design solutions and integrate specific Legrand products into the design. Although I’ve joined the team to focus on elevating Legrand’s presence within the residential sector, I’ll quite often end up working across other sectors, such is the scope of the Legrand product range. You would be hard pressed not to find a Legrand product on most, if not all construction sites in Ireland.”

After spending more than 20 years in the electrical industry, Mark brings a wealth of experience to his new role. A qualified electrician with a technology degree in Electrical Services Engineering, Mark’s experience includes 12 years within the construction industry, five years as a qualified electrician and a further three years as an Electrical Services Design Engineer. His career in construction began when his girlfriend decided to give him some friendly advice. “My girlfriend at the time who’s now my wife had enough of me complaining about the job I had at the time. I went for an interview at Croydon Engineering for an apprentice electrician position and was offered the job. They say behind every good man is a woman rolling her eyes and it’s true! My wife was the one who set me on my career path.”

The past four months have been spent meeting with consultants, city councils and contractors and ensuring the Legrand brand is to the forefront of the industry. “Now that we’re out of recession, part of my role is to encourage consultants and contractors to look at more design-led innovative solutions. I believe that Legrand is the most innovative company on the market. It’s a great brand to work for.”

Two boys and a girl aged 8, 6 and 2 don’t leave a lot of time for relaxation but Mark manages to make a little time for himself. “I play golf which I really enjoy and about 12 years ago I set up a golf society in Kilcullen that is still going. I also play darts in the local darts team and I’m the coach at an Under-8 football team which my son plays for as well. Life is hectic but between work and my home life, it’s all worth it.”

T: (NI) 0345 605 4333 or (RoI) 01 295 9673