Managing cable entry in hazardous atmospheres

Keeping order in electrical installations and enclosures is an important factor when considering parts to use, but what happens when the application requires a little more than basic dust ingress and water protection?

Creating an enclosure that is flameproof in the case of ignition is one option but alternatives to this can be easier and more cost effective to produce, especially for circuits that can operate with low currents and voltages.

Enclosures with intrinsic and increased safety, limit electrical and thermal energy to safe levels, below those which would cause ignition of an explosive material. In case a fire should start, although the components are not necessarily resistant to flames, an intrinsic enclosure will eliminate, or greatly reduce, the chance of a fire starting in the first place. Inevitably, in these applications there will need to be points of entry and exit, often in the case of cables running into and out of the enclosure.

ATEX certified cable glands for increased safety enclosures allow for the entry of cables without compromising on safety in hazardous atmospheres. These cable glands are constructed in such a way to prevent any sparks or hot surfaces under normal and abnormal conditions that could cause explosion.

For other cable entry solutions, where multiple cable entry is required, IP65 and IP66 rated cable entry plates allow for tool free connecting of cables to machines and equipment. These are suitable for use with various cable glands of choice to maximise safety and adherence to protection requirements.

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