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Analogue, wireless or hybrid - Carrier have a fire safety solution to suit all requirements...

With demands on fire safety becoming ever more stringent and challenging, it is imperative that the partner you choose to work with has the depth of knowledge, understanding and experience to support you.

Carrier is a fire solutions provider with these attributes and qualities, as well as having a formidable pedigree, longstanding heritage and many well known and trusted brands such as Ziton, Aritech, Kidde, Edwards, GST and EMS.

Their comprehensive range of fire detection and alarm systems include conventional, analogue addressable, wireless and hybrid solutions. This represents probably the widest range available from any one provider.

Formerly, under UTC branding, Carrier have been redefined to focus on fire across Europe and Africa, and provide the ultimate in choice in terms of providing fire technologies to meet each and every application. While having a long-established heritage, Carrier are firmly focused on the future and innovation. They are committed to research and development and constantly invest in new ideas, new products and new technology. With a vision to provide the very best in service and support that begins with a wide choice and comprehensive range of product platforms, Carrier’s customers are the single most important factor.

The acknowledged leader in wireless fire development, EMS has recently released the revolutionary SmartCell system. This is based on the highly acclaimed EMS wireless technology and features an optional connected package and “Smart Services”. This makes it one of the most adaptable platforms available for small and medium sized buildings.

Utilising their hub and cluster technology, Firecell is a larger wireless solution that can connect to 16 separate network nodes wirelessly – that’s over 8,000 wireless devices.
They also have a comprehensive range of wireless zonal gateways which can add wireless fire devices to fire system type and with any protocol, including sounders and visual alarm devices, quickly and easily. Based on the ZP2 and ZP3 analogue addressable control panels, the same wireless technology can be provided with Ziton protocol and incorporate Ziton wireless system infrastructure and Ziton devices, but with a hard-wired network.

For many years, their Edwards EST-3 range has led the way with innovative fire detection and alarm solutions with high-end life safety and emergency communications platforms.
This rich legacy of inventiveness and uncompromising quality has distinguished Edwards’ life safety systems as the technology of choice among building owners and designers the world over.

Coming soon, Edwards is pleased to introduce EST4, an advanced networked fire alarm and emergency communications platform that builds on a strong legacy of life safety innovation and – combined with their next generation smoke detection – raises the bar even higher. Complementing their detection systems are public address and voice alarms (PAVA), which can be a small “all in one” unit, the EST VES. For larger sites, bespoke systems can be designed using the EST ENT VES modular approach based on each building’s specific requirements. A full design, planning and support service is available to ensure full audibility and intelligibility throughout a single building or multiple buildings, such as airports or travel hubs. With an almost unlimited choice of speakers and microphones, each solution is truly tailored to meet exact site requirements.

Carrier also offers a full range, early warning Aspirating Smoke Detection and recently introduced the fire industry to a brand-new concept in ASD. ModuLaser can now be located where it’s needed, reducing pipe runs and therefore installation costs. Detectors and controllers are grouped together on docking stations, which are configured for easy cable connection.

Combine this with features such as pluggable connections, flexible “quick fit” pipe adapters and detectors that have dual pipe entry, thus ensuring the shortest pipe runs. Along with highly efficient detection capabilities and some of the industry’s best patented technology to significantly reduce the possibility of unwanted alarms, including Classifire. Something that you may not be aware of, or not used before, is linear heat detection, or LHD. This is another alternative technology that provides a different approach to providing fire detection.

These are just some examples of the solutions that Carrier have in their portfolio, providing a range of different ways to deliver the ultimate in fire detection. Carrier’s experience and knowledge are second only to their customer service and they will work with you to ensure that you, or your customer, have peace of mind that the best protection is in place.

Their team can advise on suitability, functionality and connectivity along with confirming full certification of each and every product they provide; to meet compliance and local codes of practice. They present information clearly, jargon free, in many formats, making your final decision an informed one.

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