Lighting the way

Kellihers and CT Electric have the resources and expertise to help installers and contractors with even the largest, most challenging commercial projects.

As the company deals only with industry leading lighting suppliers, customers can be sure that every lighting and energy efficiency need will be met by its team of lighting experts. Clients can be assured that they’re getting the very best lighting solution for their project. Always striving to stand out from the crowd, Kellihers and CT Electric offer an in-house lighting design service through its own CAD designer, Declan Doyle. The company’s in-house lighting expert can design and specify the best lighting solutions for every customer requirement, always within budget. This entails checking to see how many and what type of fittings are required to light a certain space to ensure it conforms to best practice and meets any industry regulations relating to the intended use of that space. Always looking to broaden the scope of the service it can offer customers, Kellihers recently acquired Astrotek, a specialist distributor of lighting products and systems focused on commercial, medical, pharma, retail and industrial/ infrastructure applications, as well as educational and high spec residential projects. The Astrotek design team particularly enjoys projects requiring bespoke solutions.

A member of the Astrotek team for over 16 years, Darren Becton has recently taken on the role and responsibility of leading the firm. Astrotek provides comprehensive design resources, high quality product ranges and competitive prices which enable it to meet the needs of its clients as well as the requirements of the end-user. Kellihers is also aware of the importance of back-up and support during the whole working process to ensure that the project will be successful in terms of quality and time.

The Astrotek team has worked on projects such as the new Central Bank in Dublin, eBay HQ, Google HQ retrofit, Shannon Airport and St. Joseph’s Church in Glanmire, Co. Cork.

A recent example of this is the recently completed LED upgrade of a Yves Rocher facility. After being tasked with improving the company’s energy efficiency, Kellihers and CT Electric have helped the company reduce its energy bills and improved areas that lacked proper lighting.

A series of T8 2x58w fittings were changed out with Disano Echo LED 48w, which resulted in improved light levels and 60% energy savings for the company. In Yves Rocher’s racking area, Kellihers changed out 400 highbays with 145w LUG cruisers at a 16m mounting height. These not only look the part but will result in this facility being more energy efficient now and in the future. The light levels of the racking area increased by over 50% at ground level on the previously measured values across 11 sample points in the area. Energy usage has also been reduced by over 50%. Before installation, the average Lux level stood at 122 while after installation, it stood at 185.

The lighting experts at Kellihers and CT Electric are ready to help customers with the right lighting solution for their next project, no matter how big or small.

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