Light up with Luceco!

Luceco has just launched its new range of inspection torches and work lights...

The new range, from lighting experts Luceco, has been extensively tested to offer the perfect lighting solution for a huge variety of jobs and boasts high lumen variation, USB charging capability and multi-shadow prevention.

Consisting of two work lights and four inspection torches, the range will be a welcome boost for professionals AND DIyers alike as Luceco puts its knowledge and expertise behind these new products.

Simon Shenton, Head of LED Development at Luceco, said, “The new lights and torches will provide an all-round light solutions package, allowing jobs to be carried out with ease. At Luceco, our mission is to create a rich range of products that are practical, versatile, cost-effective and appeal to a wide segment of trade users and DIy- enthusiasts.”

The work light range consists of rechargeable Clamp Work Light with 360 degree rotation; this powerful light boasts a brightness of up to 1300 lumens, a durable polycarbonate structure, four hour battery life on full output and a 50% brightness mode to offer flexible light for a variety of situations.

This is accompanied by the new Magnetic Work Light, offering a strong magnetic base and 1000 lumens for all those tricky to light places. Luceco’s Inspection Torches are perfect for shedding light on hard-to-reach places. Coming in 1.5W, 3W, 5W and 10W versions, all torches feature clever technology to prevent multi-shadowing, which can sometimes obscure the area, hindering a thorough inspection.

The 3W, 5W and 10W models also have the capability to charge other devices such as phones and tablets, meaning users should never be caught without battery power as long as they have the versatile inspection torch to hand.

The new range is now available to purchase across all outlets stocking Luceco products.

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