LEDVANCE: delivering better light for Ireland

Finding the right partner in the lighting industry to help you identify the perfect lighting solutions for each area in the building you are wiring, managing or creating is essential.

LEDVANCE, a global lighting business with over 110 years’ experience in the lighting industry, is that partner. The company offers Irish electrical contractors, facilities managers and architects innovative and energy efficient lighting products backed by exceptional service and expertise.

The LEDVANCE product range includes traditional lighting, modern LED lamps and standardised over-the-counter luminaires. Additionally, we offer connected smart lighting solutions to deliver even higher cost savings.

Typical of the kind of projects LEDVANCE gets involved in in Ireland is the installation of over 400 LEDVANCE Panel LED 600 to meet the high lighting demands of Dublin’s Connolly Hospital, a major teaching hospital and health- promoting hub.

In a healthcare environment, having the correct lighting is essential, not only for the safety and comfort of staff and visitors using the building, but also a necessity to ensure that patients receive the essential care required. As in any building, energy efficient and low maintenance solutions are a plus, but in healthcare environments, reliability is particularly crucial as downtime needs to be avoided, especially in areas like A&E which are used 24×7.

The Connolly Hospital Electrical Team turned to LEDVANCE to replace over 400 existing fluorescent fixtures (4 x 18W) in the A&E department, main corridors, wards, reception and ancillary hospital areas. The team chose the LEDVANCE Panel LED 600 with its 30W and 4000K colour temperature, due to the luminaire’s qualities of high luminous efficacy, homogeneous light and quick and easy installation.

The LEDVANCE Panels did not disappoint. After the Panels were integrated with the hospital’s building management system, the team noticed 70% energy savings through lighting. What’s more, the homogeneous light produced by the panels has been noticed by medical staff, patients and visitors alike, with many commenting on how the light is perceived to promote well-being and help create a bright, clean and safer working environment.

LEDVANCE looks at things from a whole new perspective and, with a team of experts assembled from diverse disciplines, the company is contributing fresh ideas and smart solutions to a modern, interconnected world. But light isn’t just LEDVANCE’s core business – it’s the company’s vision. Operating in over 120 countries, this global team of around 9,000 employees has a great deal of flexibility and freedom to deliver outstanding products and services to customers.

Further information can be found at www.ledvance.com