LED + IoT Tech = a SMART Lighting Solution

As Aurora launches its new first ever ENLITE Smart Trade Catalogue - Trade Edition Two - Des Duignan, Sales & Projects Director, reveals how the introduction of smart and IoT solutions in the lighting industry is enabling additional benefits to LED.

Almost twenty years ago, Aurora was one of the first lighting companies to completely transform from a halogen lighting company to one that specialised in the more green LED technological solutions.

Now, as LED technology has become significantly advanced, enabling businesses to enhance savings and increase sustainability more than ever before, we have increased our focus on other technologies in addition to LED. Smart, IoT technology has become an increasingly important part of our business, and the products that we are manufacturing and the technology that we combine them with are evidence of our continued commitment to innovation and technology.

Through partnerships with companies including Gooee, Zigbee and Samsung, Aurora now offers superior smart products and platforms, enabling electrical contractors to take smart into the ceiling, creating connected homes and businesses.

Widest Range of Lighting Control & Sensing Products

Early in 2018 Aurora officially launched the AOne, powered by Gooee Smart Space, an affordable smart lighting and control solution that is excellent value and allows users to wirelessly control their lighting, on or off premise, from anywhere in the world.

This October we launched the extended  range of AOne lighting control and sensing products as featured in our latest catalogue – Trade Edition 2 – which incorporates over 30 new smart products, enabling almost all of our product ranges to be smart enabled; our revolutionary smart integrated fire rated downlight – the mProZX – along with our digital rotary dimmers and smart wireless switches, which now make smart lighting accessible at the wall.

The revolutionary mPro™ZX along with colour tuneable lamps, sensors, kinetic smart switches and sockets, wirelessly pair with the Gooee Smart Space hub, via the Zigbee protocol, to form a secure mesh network. Furthermore, up to 80 devices can now connect either individually or as groups, created via Aurora’s more modern and user friendly AOne app.

‘Make Smart’ over 900 Enlite Products

To enable smart lighting throughout various spaces with existing or new non-smart fixtures we are able to offer homes and businesses the option to ‘Make Smart with AOne Control’. This enables smart control of almost all of Enlite’s 900+ products in this catalogue.

Selecting from a range of AOne inline dimmers (120W, 320W, 1-10V, 12/24V) or on/off relay, circuits can now be made smart through simple retrofitting between the switch and first light.

New commercial range

This brand new catalogue introduces a vast range of commercial LED lighting. From commercial downlights, LED battens, anti-corrosives to linears, Enlite now offers contractors multiple options when it comes to proposing schemes for commercial applications. From corridors to reception areas and canteens to warehouses, there is something that is robust, suitable, cost effective and sustainable.

We have come a long way since 1999 and this is due to your support and our continuing drive to be ahead of trend. Bringing to wholesale the widest range of lighting, control and sensing devices, specifically designed for professional installation.

Available in more than 70 countries worldwide, Aurora’s trade solutions are the ‘smart’ choice for both electricians and wholesalers alike.

Learn more: enlitelighting.com and auroralighting.com/gb/aone