Lighting Association Ireland strengthens ties with LIA

Over the past 12 months, Lighting Association Ireland (LAI) has emerged as a key influence within the lighting sector in Ireland by strengthening its relationship with Government bodies, regulatory authorities, professional representative organisations and installer bodies. It is now regarded as the voice of the sector and is regularly consulted by all the aforementioned for guidance and advice across a broad spectrum of issues.

The Association has also reached out internationally to similar lighting representative bodies in the UK and across Europe. Indeed, it has just signed a joint agreement to work closely with the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) in the UK.

The two bodies share a similar outlook and philosophy when it comes to their members and the future of lighting. Therefore, the close relationship between them will benefit not just members, but also the entire lighting industry.

Lighting Association of Ireland is the established representative body for the sector in Ireland with a membership that includes all the key players and market-leading brands. Between them they are involved in every facet of the business including design, manufacture, distribution and installation of lighting throughout all of Ireland.

The LIA has a heritage of over 80 years and is Europe’s largest trade association for lighting equipment professionals, with over 250 members. It is globally recognised as an authority on all lighting matters.

The agreement between LAI and the LIA will see the sharing of member benefits between both organisations, covering a wide range of services, from training to social events to the LIA’s UKAS-accredited lighting laboratory. In the context of Brexit and what it may or may not bring, both Associations agree that it is logical to have mutually-beneficial ties to maximise shared strengths and interests for the future.

Lighting Association Ireland (LAI) was established in March 2014 to represent the collective views, regulatory requirements and commercial interests of all member companies and professionals engaged in every aspect of the lighting industry in Ireland. Chaired by Gay Byrne of Fantasy Lights Group, LAI’s membership comprises a collaboration of people from various segments of the lighting industry, ranging from manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

In addition, LAI offers affiliate membership to all others involved in lighting. This includes lighting designers, consulting engineers, electrical contractors, electricians, students and lighting sales staff.

The aims of LAI are:
• To promote the benefits of good lighting, especially in the built environment within the island of Ireland
• To be at the forefront of developing lighting as an integral part of a low-energy and sustainable future
• To establish and promote good practice in lighting design and engineering in all their facets
• To provide a forum where people interested in all aspects of light and lighting can come together.

LAI also has a new website at  This represents an invaluable resource in relation to lighting and the ‘go-to’ reference source for LAI members and non-members alike. Visitors will find a wealth of information related to lighting, covering everything from new and existing lighting legislation through to industry best practice, training, exhibitions, shows and events. Links to other key lighting-related websites are also available.

Commenting on the website, Chairman Gay Byrne said, “This site is now a vital ingredient in the armoury of LAI as it provides members and the industry at large with access to relevant information which will help them make key and sound business decisions when specifying and installing lighting solutions.

“In the broader context, LAI will also engage with the industry by way of seminars, CPD technical presentations and participation in relevant exhibitions.”

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