LAI 2018 programme kicks off in style


Earlier this month, Andy Guest from the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) presented a day-long course on CE marking and legislation at the RDS in Ballsbridge in Dublin. This course was specifically devised by the Lighting Industry Association for its members in the UK but the LAI has also adopted accreditation to it as part of its membership criteria. The nature of the course is more like a workshop, with interaction and discussion a key part of the proceedings. The capacity attendance at the RDS fully embraced the concept and participated with enthusiasm, sharing views and opinions on the various points raised. All agreed that it was extremely educational and beneficial.

As well as being an important information source, accreditation as having completed this course is also critical as it is now part of the requirements of LAI membership. The recent AGM passed a motion approving a measure whereby at least one person from member companies must have accreditation as having successfully completed this course.

This, along with other initiatives planned for 2018, demonstrates the LAI’s determination to provide guidance and leadership to the lighting sector in Ireland and to promote professional responsibility. It will continue to promote best practice across all industry segments and to engage with government agencies and regulatory authorities, especially the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), with whom it has a number of working committees. Set up in 2014, the Lighting Association Ireland is an independent, non-pro t organisation which was established to represent the collective views, regulatory requirements and commercial interests of all member companies and professionals engaged in all aspects of the lighting industry in Ireland. The association’s founding members are a group made up of representatives from the lighting industry in ROI and include electrical distributors, retail lighting experts, electrical contractors, electrical products producers, to name just a few.

The aims of the Association are to promote the benefits of good lighting, especially in the built environment within the island of Ireland and to be at the forefront of developing lighting as an integral part of a low-energy and sustainable future. The Association also aims to establish and promote good practice in lighting design and engineering in all their facets and to provide a forum where people interested in all aspects of light and lighting can come together.