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Energy efficiency is an integral element of the impressive new Le Chéile Secondary School in Tyrellstown and Hager was central to the overall solution.

The new school was completed using Hager’s Quadro floor standing panel boards, sub-distribution boards, protection devices, Klik lighting distribution equipment and Sollysta wiring accessories.

Scott Wright, General Manager, Hager Ireland, explained, “We were originally approached by the consultant for this project, Matt O’Mahoney & Associates, to advise them on how the lighting control could be shared between the school and the adjoining community centre.

“Our proposal was based on a KNX solution and, subsequently, that was taken on, with the whole job designed as a KNX project. The contractor, Kieran Callaghan Electrical, is a KNX partner and we assisted them in the KNX design of the school.

“It all ran really smoothly and we are pleased to be associated with this state-of-the-art school which makes the most of our products.”

The tebis KNX system played a central role in the energy efficiency of the new Le Chéile Secondary School. In this environment, lights can be left on, radiators turned too high or windows left open overnight. With intelligent KNX building automation, the building takes the initiative when employees forget. This not only increases the level of comfort and safety but saves up to 50% in total energy costs.

At Le Chéile Secondary School, tebis KNX from Hager connects up a range of electrical functions such as the internal and external lighting systems, heating and ventilation and fire and security with the school’s main Building Management System.

This is particularly important for ensuring effective yet energy efficient lighting, with the lighting management system from tebis KNX creating a consistent mix of natural daylight and artificial light to provide a permanent, constant level of light and a fatigue-free working atmosphere. In comparison with normal lighting, this saves up to 50% in energy costs – and valuable work time, as employees no longer have to regulate the light themselves.

Hager products installed at Le Chéile Secondary School include the Quadro IP55 boards and enclosures and wiring products from the Sollysta range.

The Quadro boards and enclosures in IP55 are ideal for commercial applications. The Quadro enclosures are designed for enclosed distribution up to 630A and have been designed for ease of installation. Delivered with a pre-mounted plinth and without sides, they can be joined horizontally and vertically to create multiple assemblies.

The Sollysta range of wiring accessories were also used in yhis project. The range includes, White Moulded, Decorative (available in four finishes; brushed steel, polished brass, polished steel and black nickel), Metalclad and IP66.

All terminals on the back face in the same direction, removing the need to rotate the product during installation while a unique patented neutral loop terminal provides easy neutral conductor termination at a workable height for installers.


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