Speed Punch – a fast solution for panel builders

The new Speed Punch system brings innovation to the cutting edge. The longest process of using hole punching tools is threading the punch onto and off the draw stud. Speed Punch eliminates this threading by using a threadless draw stud and clever robust ‘Speed Lock’ clamp. Assembly and disassembly becomes convincingly simple and is up to three times faster than conventional punching systems.

Speed Punch is available for ISO sizes 16-63 and is compatible with all existing pulling tools. The punch and die have been sized to eliminate the need for spacers, requiring fewer parts and without threads, less to go wrong. When combined with a battery hydraulic punch driver, eg LS50L-flex, this provides the fastest punching system on the market today, allowing you to perform more holes in less time than ever before.

For square and rectangular holes, the same benefit can be achieved with Speed Nut. This only requires a new draw stud and Speed Nut which works with your existing punches, bringing you the same benefits in installation time.

Demonstrated recently at the City West Trade Show in Dublin, members of the electrical contracting and panel builders industry tested the new punches for themselves. A competition to see who could make 2 x 20mm holes the fastest in an enclosure drew quite a crowd and demonstrated firsthand how much time could be saved.

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