Keeping SRCD protection up to standard

Get the gold standard for RCD socket safety with Timeguard's Valiance+ range...

Timeguard Valiance+ RCD-protected socket.

The gold standard for RCD socket safety is BS7288: 2016. Yet, there are still, even today, RCD devices being installed that do not comply with its sensible safety precautions. For all installers, the replacement market is a golden opportunity to retrofit new RCD’s and provide their customers with both the latest stylish designs and best possible protection. 

In 2019, Timeguard was the first company to achieve UK approved certification to the new BS7288:2016 Specification for residual current devices with or without overcurrent protection for socket-outlets for household and similar uses. Its Valiance+ range of RCD-protected sockets and switched fused spurs can quickly be retro-fitted into a 25mm deep recessed box (excluding ML range) to replace old RCD devices or bulk standard, unprotected wiring accessories. 

The main visible difference with the current standard is a dual-flag mechanical indication system to show users whether the power is live Red – ON, or Green – OFF when the RCD is tripped. However, the improvements go a lot deeper, mostly relating to EMC resilience, with more stringent testing to ensure products can withstand years of use and also electrical or physical abuse and RF interference. 

The new BS7288:2016 standard calls for an RCD-protected socket or fused spur unit to achieve much higher levels of testing and performance than products built to the older BS7288:2009 standard. It also introduces RCD type classification, and all the Timeguard SRCD products are certified for both Type A (for single phase DC loads up to 6MA including vehicle charging) and Type AC (for AC sinusoidal waves only).

Active and passive options are offered so you can decide whether the power is automatically restored when the power supply returns to normal, as in the ‘Passive’ version, (essential for products such as freezers etc), or if it remains isolated until manually reset, as in the ‘Active’ version, (essential for products such as hedge trimmers, power tools, etc. that have exposed moving parts and where an unexpected restart would be a danger to the user). 

Making sure the RCD sockets you provide for your customers meet the latest safety standards, the Timeguard Valiance+ range is designed and supplied with a high quality 3-year guarantee and looks good for installation anywhere in the home or workplace. 

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