Keep nice and warm this winter!

The Severe Weather Europe website has reported a rapidly growing El Niño anomaly for the coming winter with the UK likely to be generally colder and drier compared to previous winters, increasing the risk of snowfall. 

A lot of people will be watching their smart meter display anxiously and be more aware of their consumption. Yet there is no need for them to face the cold while worrying about leaving things switched on accidentally.

Instead, you can offer them devices that reassure them that appliances are never left on longer than needed. The controls in the Timeguard BoostMaster range are inexpensive, uncomplicated, easy to install, and will have an immediate effect on users’ power consumption.  

What’s more, the price point of these devices also means they are inexpensive to stock, so you can simply have them on the shelf ready for installers to pick up. There cannot be many jobs where they won’t have the opportunity to add boost functionality to one or more appliances.

With Timeguard BoostMaster and SupplyMaster controls, people can turn up the heat without fear of losing control of the bills. Their BoostMaster will never forget to switch off again. 

There are options to suit everyone, from simple push-button countdown to sophisticated Wi-Fi control.  All are simply wired into single gang back boxes – it couldn’t be easier for a professional installer.

Basic countdown and switch-off

The count-down timers from Timeguard could not be a more simple solution for ensuring devices like heaters, towel rails, and immersion heaters aren’t left running expensively and unnecessarily. These new digital controls enable users to choose the ideal duration for an appliance to stay on. They can set the on-time at the push of a single button and can see immediately how long is left. It is also possible to add some extra boost or switch it off, if required. 

Options include models with neon light displays, with a choice of on-times from 15 minutes to four hours at the press of a button and, if desired, built-in fused spur protection. There are also models with digital displays giving precise control over on-times of two or four hours depending on the model and a minute-by-minute countdown.

Precision control: on and off

Where on/off control at specific times of the day (or night) is required, or users want control when away from home, the Timeguard SupplyMASTER FST Fused Spur Timer with fully programmable electronic time control fits the bill perfectly, neatly replacing a standard fused spur or plain single gang socket – which is probably already adjacent to the appliance installers want to control, so there is no extra wiring.  

You can choose between 24-hour models or seven-day programming to cater for people’s different weekday and weekend lifestyle patterns. 

There is a Timeguard BoostMaster button as well for a little extra heat or power without having to override the programming. 

Wi-Fi? Yes, of course!

No product range is complete without a Wi-Fi option, and the Timeguard SupplyMASTER is no exception. 

Timeguard has added a Wi-Fi-controlled version of the Fused Spur Timers (FST) and adopted the Tuya Smart app to make sure it works – and stays working easily for users for years to come. The Timeguard design and build quality coupled with global leader Tuya is a powerful combination.

The FST Wi-Fi is the ultimate easy-install control package with a fused spur, precision timing, Wi-Fi control, and the option to add some ‘boost time’ via the app.

Economy 7 – nice and simple!

While programming electronic devices has become so much easier and more intuitive over the years, it is still troublesome to some people. So, Timeguard also offers the option of an analogue ‘interface’ to electronic time control, with the added benefit of boost timing. The device is also interchangeable with old Economy 7 units, making it particularly popular with people who are concerned about managing power usage at peak times.

Keep the essentials in mind

Time control is always the foundation stone of energy-saving solutions, and ideas like these help you provide alternatives that will have an immediate impact on users’ consumption and their bills, backed by the Timeguard quality and service guarantee.

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If you cannot see what you are looking for here or want more general-purpose time control for commercial applications, check out Timeguard’s NTT range. 

They have invested in design upgrades and improved functionality for this range as well. 

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