Ireland’s first test record sheet mobile app

SafeCerts – Ireland’s first test record sheet mobile app – is making a real difference to electricians.

Available on Apple and Android devices, this unique app has been designed to remove the need for electricians and electrical contractors to record test results manually. SafeCerts will record, store and retrieve test records easily, quickly and cost effectively while complying with all current, applicable regulations.

SafeCerts is configured to produce Safe Electric format test record sheets which are accepted by Safe Electric. The app can also be tweaked to create a custom testing platform for your commercial and/or industrial needs. SafeCerts takes users through the entire testing process and creates a template output in PDF format that can be sent to customers or any nominated email address. All completed and partially completed test record sheets are saved to the cloud for easy retrieval at a later time.

The app’s three different user types include:

Guest (Limited User) – Also known as the Trial User. This profile allows potential users to trial the app for 30 days, recording test record sheets and sending PDFs to nominated email addresses, as required. All test record sheets created using the Guest User profile are saved to the cloud and can be retrieved later. See how you can save time and contact SafeCerts or go to the App/Play Store to begin your trial now!

Certifier (Standard User) – A Certifier user can complete the entire testing process, populating an entire test record sheet at the end of the testing process. This includes personal info (eg Reg No, QC No etc), setting up a customer profile, creating circuits and recording pre- and post- connection information. Certifier users can also retrieve partially completed or completed tests which were previously saved to the cloud. Certifier users can send tests, both new and old, to customers at the click of a button and can print to send to Safe Electric (who will be in the position to accept PDFs directly from the app soon).

Certifier Admin (Admin User) – Designed for use in a contractor setting with multiple users, the Certifier Admin users manage a team ofCertifier users (generally employees). TheCertifier Admin user can see all reports that have been completed by all of their Certifier users and can generate PDFs of test record sheets completed by any, or all, of theirCertifier users, greatly saving time.

Regardless of which user type you are, all tests can either be saved locally to the your phone or can be saved to the cloud for reuse at a later time. Saved tests may also be pulled down from the cloud by a different permitted user, allowing them to complete a test without the need for exchanging a manual booklet. That means no more writing and no more lost test record sheet books!

The great news is that SafeCerts is already looking towards new ways to further develop the app, with improvements in the pipelines for expanded user templates and the inclusion of distribution board templates and the periodic inspection report module.

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