Introducing tetra: your ultimate solution for secure and versatile fixings

In the ever-evolving landscape of the electrical industry, Olympic Fixings proudly unveils its latest innovation: tetra. This advanced wall plug sets a new standard in fastening technology, offering a level of versatility and reliability that will transform the way you approach your projects.

Imagine a world where the limitations of wall materials are no longer obstacles. tetra is specifically designed to conquer any base material, whether solid or hollow. This means you can confidently tackle any task with a single plug, regardless of the surface you are working with.

Intelligent design

At the core of tetra’s ingenuity lies its exceptional adaptability. This wall plug boasts the effective ability to expand in four directions, demonstrating innovation that ensures a strong grip and stability. But that’s not all – tetra’s expanding area is engineered to do more than just secure itself. In hollow materials, it proves its true capabilities by collapsing, creating a strong hold behind the surface. This intelligent design guarantees an anchor that not only holds but also provides the reliability you demand.

Crafted from top-tier Polyamide 6, tetra embodies strength and flexibility in perfect harmony. This high-quality material paves the way for flawless expansion, accommodating a wide range of screws and fastenings. Whether you are mounting shelves, installing fixtures, or embarking on a full-scale renovation, tetra ensures your efforts are built on a foundation that will stand the test of time.

A testament to innovation

A standout feature that sets tetra apart is its incorporation of eight anti-spin areas. Gone are the days of frustration caused by plugs that rotate during installation. These anti-spin areas revolutionise the fastening process, ensuring that your tetra plug stays firmly in place, exactly where you want it. Your time is precious – why waste it dealing with unnecessary obstacles when tetra offers a seamless installation experience?

The tetra wall plug isn’t just a utilitarian tool; it is a testament to innovation that puts your needs first. Olympic Fixings understands the demands of professional electricians, and with tetra it is providing a reliable, adaptable solution to common challenges. 

With tetra, fastening materials to any surface is no longer a concern, but a straightforward task. Olympic Fixings is your steadfast partner, consistently delivering solutions that exceed expectations. 

tetra is not just a wall plug; it represents Olympic Fixings’ commitment to your success. 

Olympic Fixings make the future of your projects simpler, one reliable fixing at a time. 

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