Innovation in underfloor power systems

Learn more about the benefits of a prefabricated installation...

Core Solutions offer unique, prefabricated services that lead to accelerated project delivery and outstanding building efficiency delivery. The electrical solutions provider has developed a simplified and innovative way to extend multiple circuits into the field of any installation, guaranteeing efficient and flexible access to power, data and multimedia connections.

By integrating modular elements with the underfloor, Core Solutions create a system which is completely pluggable; from the distribution board to the desk. Multiple circuits are grouped together in one home run leading out to a master distribution box in the field. This method allows installers to then simply plug in the busbar, floor boxes and under and over desk power. The result is a flexible design which replaces the traditional hard wiring of individual circuits by means of heavy cables using a cable tray or basket.

    Shell and core: the modular distribution box sits out in the field ready for future furniture design layout. Landlords or developers can therefore offer an efficient and fully flexible space for their customers to modify.
  • Cat A fit-out: landlords or developers can decide if they want the busbar plugged into the modular distribution box and floor boxes added for easy access to the power. Customers then only need to decide how they want to set up power and furniture above floor.
  • Cat B fit-out: this full fit-out is delivered to provide a ready to move in space. Tenants or occupants often work with office furniture companies to select and install workstations and furniture. The system connects all the way from the distribution box to desktop power (see Core’s Office Desk Power & Office Ergonomics range) to suit any furniture layout design.

Fully pluggable, prewired, pretested, this flexible system:

  • Saves contractors time and labour on-site, significantly accelerating project lead time and reducing costs. Since the system comes prefabricated and pre- assembled there is also no waste left on-site.
  • Guarantees consulting engineers peace of mind, while ticking all the compliancy boxes. Core Solutions provide specification- friendly designs that aid leaner projects and obtain sustainability accreditations.
  • Offers end-users and facility managers futureproofing for the building, along with easy maintenance and the potential for future reconfiguration of the office space, as well as performance and comfort.
  • Blends with office furniture companies’ designs to create and deliver a balance between style and efficiency in the workplace.

To bring that extra peace of mind to all parties involved, Core Solutions provide an extended warranty that activates when under and over desk power modules are added to the underfloor system. It is the assurance that the building benefits from high quality equipment and reliable customer service for the next 5 years.

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