Improve your mobile workforce with WorkPal

The business environment today operates 24/7 and incorporates more mobile workers every day. According to research, 61% of workers reported that they work outside of the office for at least part of their day. Because of these changes in organisation scheduling, allocating and tracking have never been more important.

There are generally two parts to mobile workforce management software – an office-based management system and a mobile application. Managers can schedule jobs remotely to field workers from the management system to the mobile app where field workers can access their job schedule and record their daily activities. The system is updated automatically throughout the day, with the information gathered in the field.

The benefits include:

  • Improved productivity – Eliminating paper-based processes can have an immediate impact on productivity. Remotely scheduling jobs to the worker’s smartphone means non-productive time is automatically removed. Further productivity gains can also be made in the office by eliminating paper. This will significantly reduce the workload of your admin staff as the need for data re-entry is removed.
  • Increased profitability – As your business improves its productivity, this will have an almost immediate knock-on effect on your bottom line. Reducing the gap between a job being completed and payment being received helps to improve the cash flow in your business. By using a mobile workflow management solution invoices can be generated on the same day that the job is completed, as all data is automatically fed back to the office.
  • Compliance – Tracking jobs that have been pushed out to mobile workers through a management system means that a full service history is created and stored online for all jobs that have been scheduled and allocated. These records will be time, date and location stamped and stored until they have been manually deleted.
  • Informed job insights – Real-time and reliable information means that management can make informed business decisions from data they have collected and stored via their workflow management system. Not only is there greater access to important data but accuracy is also improved. Data re-entry is eliminated, ensuring no duplication or data errors. WorkPal allows customers to compile customised reports on stored data, allowing them to compare information and gain a better insight into how field workers are performing.

WorkPal is a software solution for mobile workflow management, reporting, tracking and invoicing. It has been designed and developed by an in-house software team and is a web app for office users and a smartphone app for iOS and Android that instantly synchronises the paperwork of office and field- based teams, transforming the distribution, management and time frames of jobs, paperwork and invoicing.

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