IEBG launches new cable

To meet the demand for a single cable for residential smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors...

The Irish Electrical Buying Group ( IEBG ) – a group of electrical wholesalers with 28 branches nationwide – has just launched a new cable called RD415 for residential smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors. IEBG Group Administrator, Ken Legros, outlined how RD415 originated.

“About a year ago, a few members of the group noticed that a lot of electrical contractors were asking for a cable to use in residential smoke, heat and carbon monoxide circuits, but there was no one cable available on the market with the correct core colours.

“These members teamed up with a cable manufacturer to develop RD415, which contains the core colours brown, blue, green/yellow and white.”

RD415 therefore complies with ETCI regulations, having live, neutral, earth and an interconnecting white core. RD415 has an outer pink sleeve that clearly identifies it from any other cable used in electrical circuits. Looking ahead, RD415 is also LSOH, which means that it is future- proofed against any change in cable regulations. Ken added, “RD415 has already been welcomed by Safe Electric ( RECI ) and Ei Electronics.”

RD415 will shortly be available from every branch of the IEBG group – see map opposite for details of your nearest branch.

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