Human-centric lighting from Saxby

The lighting experts at Saxby Lighting have been designing and manufacturing lights for commercial and domestic use for over 30 years.

The company’s aim is to offer quality, innovation and great choice and make sure it is producing on- trend, but always practical and functional fittings.

Saxby Lighting believes the market demanded more intelligent lighting that will improve people’s mood, productivity and performance during their working hours. Human- centric lighting has become one of this year’s buzzwords and only seems to becoming more and more common.

As lighting technology becomes more advanced, improvements into this element of lighting will only progress. Saxby Lighting is already stepping into this area with the company’s Sirio daylight harvesting panels which adjust their light output according to the amount of natural light in the space.

Saxby Lighting also boasts numerous ranges with Colour Changing Technology (CCT), therefore allowing the end-user to decide their ideal light temperature. The Orbital range is one of Saxby Lighting’s biggest and best sellers. This is a range of slimline recessed downlights, which are fire-rated and IP65 rated. The SMD LED modules project 450–920 lumens of indirect LED light from the unique anti-glare dome.

Using the latest in Colour Changing Technology (CCT), the OrbitalPROs can be warm white or cool white with the flick of a switch. This unique and patented design can be covered with insulation and fits into shallow ceiling voids. The product comes complete with a dimmable Eaglerise driver that works with leading and trailing-edge dimmers. The innovative design meant the Orbital range was included as a member of the Anti Copying In Design.

The unique anti-glare dome contains LEDs that project up to 920 lumens of light into the dome, bouncing light indirectly back into the room. With no visible light source and 120° beam angle you will need fewer units to light your room, saving money on fittings, installation and running cost. The Orbital range also boasts an ultra slim profile, making it ideal to cover with insulation, whilst fitting in shallow ceiling voids. The OrbitalPLUS and OrbitalPRO are the perfect products for wholesalers to stock as they are fantastic sellers that have generated numerous happy end- users.

Peter Taylor from E.Taylor & Son Electrical Contracting commented on Saxby Lighting’s Orbital range, saying, “The OrbitalPLUS is the best downlight I’ve ever come across in my lifetime – it’s an excellent fitting and looks great. The point of sale is an absolute brilliant way of showcasing exactly what the product’s USPs are and an excellent selling tool.”

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