How electric heating outperforms gas heating

Rointe explores the benefits of switching to electric heating systems

Electric heating systems have continued to develop into an energy-efficient alternative, with all the advantages of old storage heaters but none of the disadvantages. The movement away from gas is gaining momentum, supported by a growing list of benefits of using electric heating over primitive gas systems.

Electric heating systems are easier and cheaper to install, compared to gas central heating which requires pipes, vents and ducts. With almost all electric radiators (like ours), a template and installation kit is provided. It’s a simple job to then drill the template holes, screw the support in place and slide the radiator into position. Then all you need to do is plug it into the electric socket, switch on and heat is instantly generated.

Electric heaters are generally safer than gas as they do not burn fuel to generate heat. This eliminates risks such as carbon monoxide emissions and explosions. There are no water-filled pipes, so there is less risk of damage to the property from leaking or burst pipework. Gas systems are also far noisier due to hot water rushing through the pipes, whereas electric heating is much quieter.

Even though gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, it is still the UK’s biggest greenhouse gas emissions source. Gas systems produce damaging carbon emissions and with climate targets increasing, gas could become an obsolete fuel source in the coming years. Electric heating is clean and environmentally considerate, with no polluting gases or heavy metals.

Gas is cheaper than electricity to run on a daily basis, but the additional costs to consider are installation, maintenance and running expenses, along with the shorter product lifetime. Electric heating is cheaper to install than gas, has no maintenance costs and lasts for up to 50% longer than the average gas boiler. It is also 100% efficient, meaning all the electricity you use and pay for converts into heat. If you consider every cost factor, then electric heating beats gas by a considerable margin.

Adding connectivity features into household appliances gives users convenience and consumes less electricity. Coupled with cleaner electricity generation, this presents an efficient low carbon heating solution. Built-in Wi-Fi now comes as standard with many electric heating systems, without the need for additional thermostats or parts. In fact, we were one of the very first electric heating manufacturers to incorporate Wi-Fi into our products, all controlled by our free app, Rointe Connect.

Electric heating today has evolved to include smart, stylish and effective systems that are an economical alternative. They should be given due consideration when replacing or installing a new, energy-efficient heating system into your property, as they are gradually replacing antiquated gas systems.

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