How do you sell a trade smart lighting installation?

If you are seriously looking for a smart lighting system that is easy to install, offers several benefits, from scheduling and grouping to remote management, and is extremely cost effective, then look to Aurora’s new AOne smart lighting.

Complex dimming systems usually offer so much more functionality than you actually need while simple rotary dimmers do not give enough. The AOne utilises existing lighting circuits and offers additional functionality such as dimming control, creating a ‘space’, setting a schedule in a dimmed state such as ‘7am lights on at 20%’, and controlling lights while off premises for security.

Most importantly some of the negativity around smart systems is ‘what happens if my internet connection goes down?’ – with the AOne, you can still control your lights if this does happen.

If a plug’n’play kit is being considered, it is worth reviewing the number of rooms, lights and scenes the client wishes to create, as costs can easily add up, especially when one lamp can cost from £10 and a downlight can cost up to £40 each, not to mention replacement costs.

With the AOne, as long as the existing lights are dimmable, all that is required is an inline dimmer and a hub. Create a smart space or room by linking its circuits into the dimmer, which just needs to be wired in between the first fitting and the switch. Controllable through a free app on a mobile or local room control with a remote, it is one of the most simple, smart, and cost effective solutions out there for those in the trade today.

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