HotSpot Plus offers LED Emergency Solution in One

The new HotSpot Plus presents a combined emergency solution of LED driver, self-test emergency driver and replaceable battery in one easy-to-install compact unit, eliminating the cost and need for separate components.

The HotSpot Plus functions as a dimmable 40W constant current LED driver, with an adjustable output current range from 250mA up to 1400mA which is easily set in increments of 1mA using a simple handheld programmer.

During a power outage, this all-in-one system automatically engages an integrated, serviceable battery which will provide 3 hours of emergency back-up power at 5 Watts or 90 minutes at 10 Watts, with just a 12 hour battery re-charge time.

In addition to its programmable output and user-selectable emergency power levels, further advanced features of the HotSpot Plus are its 120V-277V 50/60Hz input capability and the integrated “self-test” functionality.

For flexibility of embodiment, the Fulham HotSpot Plus is available in two truly compact case sizes, and is guaranteed for five years, the back-up battery for three years.

The HotSpot Plus uses Fulham’s innovative SmartSet platform giving the user the total flexibility to create the right driver for almost any situation. Furthermore, it does not need to be powered during its configuration or diagnostics and with “auto-program” it allows quick, one-touch programming and confirmation of multiple units.

Programming is extremely simple using the handheld TPSB-100 SmartSet controller and for more comprehensive function such as programming dimming curves and aftersales runtime diagnostics, the SmartSet PC software gives you an easy to use solution.

Fulham’s HotSpot Plus, SmartSet and free download SmartSet PC software can be found at

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