Hitting the right notes

Belfast-based Lightsource illuminates Dublin's new Hard Rock Hotel...

Lightsource designed and manufactured a 34-metre long bespoke chandelier that replicates a musical note for Dublin's Hard Rock Hotel.

Bohemian and luxurious, Dublin’s new Hard Rock Hotel brings a distinctly Irish twist to the iconic American chain. So, when the features include a punctuation-free letter penned by Van Morrison, Phil Lynott’s leather jacket, and handwritten Bono lyrics, you’d better have a rockin’ light show to match. Enter stage left Belfast-based Lightsource.

A project lighting company with an extensive hospitality portfolio, Lightsource was the obvious choice for the M&E contractor. “We’ve worked with Michael Nugent Ltd on past projects like the Tamburlaine Hotel in Cambridge and Belfast’s Grand Central Hotel,” said Lightsource Director, Anthony Brown. “We have a good working relationship built on trust and our ability to provide comprehensive lighting solutions.”

In the case of the €52m Hard Rock Hotel, this involved consultation on the initial concepts created by the Douglas Wallace interior design team. From there it progressed to global sourcing, production, and installation. It’s an all-encompassing, complete project provision that sets Lightsource apart from the competition.

Anthony explains: “There were products from six or seven different countries used on this project, including custom lighting from Barcelona company Bover, from LZF in Valencia, and architectural lighting from the Italian Linea Light Group.”

Some of the hotel’s most striking lighting features originated closer to home. “We also designed and manufactured a 34-metre long bespoke chandelier that replicates a musical note,” added Anthony. “In all, we were responsible for 98% of the hotel’s lighting, from the façade to the architectural and front of house lighting, the bedroom corridors through to bedside and desk lamps that were again designed and manufactured exclusively by Lightsource.”